LAAHR HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT (LAAHR) is a NJ based Human Resources Consulting and Outsourcing Firm specialized in providing a full range of tailored HR Solutions to small employers and startups nationwide through on-site and outsourced services.

Established in 2001, our Firm has grown in their menu of HR Services, allowing us to offer competitive and affordable Solutions and Services tailored to Hispanic/Latin@ Small businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs.

We are all about People, Business, and Culture.

From hire to retire, our Firm offers solutions under three cost-effective types of relationships tailored to the unique needs of our clients and puts at their disposal a team of HR specialists and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) with industry expertise to give you valuable guidance on Payroll, HR Administration, Talent Management, Small HR projects, Best Practices Insights, Benefits, Risk Mitigation, Union-Free Strategies, Compliance, and real-time technology.

Our specialty is the Hispanic/Latin@ workforce and Small Businesses. Our Solutions are aimed to assist employers with this talented and unique niche by improving communications, internal practices and bridging the cultural and language gaps often found between English-speaking management and their Spanish-speaking employees.