LAAHR offers custom, high-touch, and cost-effective human resource solutions for your Small Business under three relationship options: WORRYFREEHR™, HR ADMINISTRATION, and HR ON RETAINER.

If you are not quite ready to hire a full-time HR leader permanently or don’t have the expertise in-house, one of the below LAAHR’s Outsourcing Solutions can be a perfect fit for your current small business needs. We don’t not believe in a ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to HR Services, we believe in HR options that can grow as you evolve — giving your business a competitive edge.

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Become a Small Business Partner (SBP) and get 24/7/365 access to our  WorryFreeHR™  Program. An “On-Demand” type of service through a dedicated HR Business Partner to help you tackle your day-to-day HR operational needs.

From hiring to retiring, and everything in between. There is quite a lot of HR related tasks and legal obligations which we help you manage through our Small Business Partnership Program.

The WorryFreeHR™ Program includes an initial audit and a Starter Kit Package with ongoing support. All for a very small affordable monthly fee.


Let LAAHR handle some (or all) of your HR chores.  From recruiting to retirement. Depending on your needs, we have the experts, and tools to take over all aspects relating to managing your human capital.

We offer Three Plans to support companies at their inception stage to companies already established. These plans are flexible and easily expanded to meet your growing needs.

Through our HR Web based platform we can handle payroll, compliance, recruitment, training, risk management, employee benefits, employment administration and much more.


Basically, you have the benefits of having an HR Manager on-call (without the expense of a hefty salary, benefits, workers’ compensation, liability insurance, etc.).

This Plan allows you to use our services on an “as-needed-basis” against your monthly retainer, giving you the flexibility to replenishing and adjusting your retainer bank on a monthly basis when running low or exceeding your balance.