Employee Relations

Even the “best places to work”  face change and conflict. You might have employees with a dispute, or a conflict between a manager and a staff member. Perhaps workers want to unionize and you don’t know what to do next. Or maybe you have a good workplace situation and you just want to make sure your employees stay happy.

A culture that fosters communication and trust between people enables you to identify possible issues and help you work through them together—before they become big problems. Making a Positive Employee-Employer Relations (PEER) culture a priority will increase not only engagement and morale but also accountability and performance.

LAAHR can play a proactive role here. We examine your existing Internal PEER strategies and make sure that Best Practices are in place.

    • Provide PEER training to managers/supervisors
    • Perform Independent & Fair Internal Investigations
    • Develop effective two-way Communication platforms
    • Union-Vulnerability Assessment
    • Employee engagement/satisfaction surveys
    • Feedback Management
    • Reduction in force/separation consulting
    • Retention strategies and program development
    • Formal complaint management and resolution
    • SHIELDHR™ Program

LAAHR’s tools and programs help our clients identify vulnerabilities that could be contributing to a poor organizational climate, placing them at risk. We can assist them to mitigate these threats by developing, implementing, and promoting best HR practices that foster a culture of productivity, efficiency, high retention, and high employee morale.