HR for Startups

HR Starter Kit for New Businesses  РGetting Set Up for Success!

All new businesses must abide by a host of local, state, and federal labor laws and regulations before they open and remain in business.

Before you even open your business, it’s important to your future to be sure you’re completely aware and informed about all of the laws and regulations that can affect it, depending on your size and industry.

This Kit will ensure you get your start on the right track. As a small employer, you can not afford to make mistakes, especially at the inception phase. One mistake can jeopardize all the years, money, and effort you worked for down the drain.

That’s where we can help!

Suppose you are getting ready to employ your first employee, or you already have a small team. You have been putting off the mundane tasks of setting up all of your internal HR policies, processes, and required documents. In that case, our HR Starter Kit will help you establish the legal stepping stones to efficiently and legally run your internal HR affairs.

We will put together key documents and checklists which are legally compliant, follow best practices, and will be tailored to your business. On top of that, your documents will be updated free of charge when required, e.g., any change to the legislation.

In short, your HR Starter Kit will include tailored documents and HR procedures containing all relevant content for your sector and workplace that is accurate, up-to-date, and legally compliant. We will even personalize your documents with your company logo where appropriate.

How does it work?

An HR Partner (HRP) will be assigned to work with you and perform an initial HR Audit to assess your current compliance status and needs. Depending on your organization’s size and industry, LAAHR will determine what requirements apply to your business type.

Then, you and your HRP will develop an implementation strategy with key requirements and deadlines. You will be deeply involved in each customized step to ensure the relevance and purpose of each step and process needed.

Please contact us if you want to learn more.