Benefits Administration & Coordination

Employee benefits play an important role in the lives of employees and their families and are a key component for attracting and retaining talent.

These days, the insurance world is continually evolving, and that is why we’ve built partnerships with trustworthy Expert Insurance Brokers to help you access and choose the best cost-effective option for your organization.

We work closely with our insurance partners to find the right choices for you, your company, and your employees so you never have to settle for less than the perfect fit.

Our network of professional partners keeps abreast of the rapidly evolving insurance industry and is committed to ensuring that our clients have the best information to make educated decisions.

LAAHR can help you with:

    • Assess Benefits Plans and Recommend appropriate plans and programs for your small business.
    • ACA Compliance Services to help you stay on top of ever-changing regulations, and manage your healthcare costs.
    • Life, Disability, Dental & Vision Benefits coverage to round out your healthcare benefit program.
    • 401(k) & Other Savings Plans to help employees make the most of available tax-deferred savings plans to help fund their retirement, healthcare and education expenses.
    • Voluntary and complementary benefits including commuter benefits, supplemental insurance, legal benefits, auto, and home insurance, employee assistance program, discounts on entertainment and shopping, and access to a credit union
    • Managing general benefits administration (enrollments, terminations, life events, etc.)
    • Administering COBRA
    • Running reports
    • Helping employees with benefit questions or issues
    • Monitoring current vendor performance or sourcing new ones
    • Creating employee benefit communications (benefits summaries, announcements, etc.)
    • Ensuring compliance with benefit regulations
    • Implementing new benefit programs
    • Staying on top of benefits trends
    • Managing open enrollment
    • Spanish translations