Internal Workplace Investigations

Our HR Consultants have the skills and experience to conduct any internal investigation you may need.  We provide objective 3rd party investigations to the organization when they need to conduct neutral investigations into allegations of:

  • sexual harassment
  • discrimination
  • drug or alcohol use
  • embezzlement
  • workplace violence
  • slander
  • rules violations
  • employee theft
  • misuse of a company’s computer system
  • and much more

Organizations retain LAAHR to conduct neutral workplace investigations for a variety of reasons:

  • They want an objective, unbiased person to conduct the investigation;
  • There is a lack of resources to conduct the investigation promptly or thoroughly in-house;
  • The conduct or concern complained of was allegedly perpetuated by very high-level employees within the organization;
  • They want to send a strong message to those in the workplace that it takes seriously the complaints or concerns that are the subject of the investigation;
  • Interviewees are more likely to “open up” and provide important information with a neutral third-party than they would with an in-house HR professional, in-house legal counsel or an attorney representing the organization;
  • They want to preserve their relationship with legal counsel and protect against the possibility that their legal counsel may be called as a fact witness, or the attorney-client and work-product privileges may be waived should the matter proceed to litigation.
      Our legal training, interpersonal and interview skills, temperament, extensive employment law knowledge, and experience with employment claims provide the framework for investigations that are high quality, thorough and unbiased. Performing an effective investigation allows employers to make informed decisions, greatly reduces the likelihood of litigation, and can significantly limit an employer’s liability for the underlying conduct. Properly conducting an investigation can be critical to key defenses should related litigation ensue.
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