Language barriers should never be a hindrance to effective training.

With today’s increasingly diverse labor force and minority-owned businesses, employers have experienced a growing need for employment training in Spanish. English may not be the first language of an employer, a manager or supervisor, or a workforce, and yet, compliance with labor and employment laws is essential.

Provide your Spanish-speaking employees and front-line leads and supervisors with coaching and training in their native language.

By delivering workplace training in the language your employees understand best, you can improve productivity, compliance and morale. Training in your employee’s native language only makes sense. If they are more comfortable in their workplace, they are more apt to participate, learn and grow. Everybody wins!

Our workforce bilingual training portfolio covers topics on Sexual Harassment Prevention, Workplace Safety, Discrimination Prevention, Respect in the Workplace, Union Awareness to Conflict Resolution and much more.

And for your leaders, we have a Leadership Series “El Buen Jefe™” that covers key competencies such as Effective Communications, Accountability & Delegation, Given Feedback, Leading with Strength, Managing Difficult Conversations, and more.

All training topics can be tailored based on a unique criteria or situation to your workplace.