Prepare Your Policy for a Proliferation of Pandemic Puppies

(Published by the HR Specialist Vol. 51, No. 8 • August 2021)

During the past year, lots of your employees got new pets. As people return to the workplace, expect more “Can I bring my dog to work?” questions. Now’s a good time to clarify (or draft) your policy as a perk or recruitment tool.

Three considerations:

    1. If an employee is allergic, you have an ADA obligation to segregate the pet, improve ventilation or require the pet to stay home.
    2. Require animals to be “office-broken”—no biting, barking, or other bad behavior.
    3. Employees should verify in writing that they have insurance to cover any damage and consider indemnification if your business gets sued.

Note: In most cases, you must require a service dog as an ADA accommodation.

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